I’m glad you’ve discovered my website.  Be sure to check out the extensive fused and stained glass galleries which feature framed art, jewelry, plates and more.

Fractals remind me of natures never ending creativity and beauty which is similar to working in glass as an expressive medium.  I have been doing stained glass for many years and fused glass for a few years.  It relates to my early career as a dental technician ceramist.  Dental ceramics and fusing glass or fabricating stained glass art are intricate, rewarding, sometimes unpredictable in the outcome but frequently beautiful anyway. 

I enjoy the relaxation glass art provides me with after a stressful day at my job. I hope you will enjoy some of the pieces the way I have enjoyed putting them together for art lovers to display in their home or business.  Please feel free to contact me by e-mail if you have any comments or questions.  Our on-line store will be up and functional in the near future to better serve you. 

Thanks for your interest,

Bob Schneider


Fractals use a complex mathematical formula to generate beautiful art.